I was requested by AARO to give my digital presentation during their club meeting. So here are the slides! Here are the slides

posted by on Oct 14, 2015

After some time with the FTM-100DR, I wanted to extend my C4FM System Fusion gear to a nice HT. Since I’ve been a Ham, I’ve used the Baofeng radios, which area great for lots of things. They are easy to program (with Chirp and cable, not through the interface!), they have lots of receive capability, some transmit outside of its type classification, and lots of cheap accessories. However, they are just analog FM, dual band HTs.

posted by on Sep 04, 2015

Today I did my digital presentation but with a modification to give some info on amateur radio. I think it was a good turn out and some good questions were asked. I setup my station in the corner of the “Factory” at work and was able to make a couple contacts and show people what operating digital modes looked like. Here are the slides

posted by on Aug 18, 2015

I went to the Austin Summerfest with the purpose of finding the FTM-100DR. I have to say i’m pretty pleased with it. I had a Wouxon unit, so the power and mounting bracket fit right up nicely. I had to make a patch to lengthen the mic cable, although it came with a nice, long cable for the face plate.

posted by on Aug 10, 2015

We had a good field day in spite of the low turn out. KARS usually has 8 or 9 stations, but this year we only had 5. Still we made around 1400 contacts as 5A KB5TX. My setup with the Energizer 2200watt generator worked great! I got 10 hours on the eco setting running my radio. I was able to work digital on 15 and 20 meters. We had an issue with N3FJP late in the contest, with about 15 minutes left.

posted by on Jun 28, 2015

I did a presentation on digital modes at the W5SC Ham Fiesta Here are the slides.

posted by on Jan 10, 2015

I was asked if I could present on digital modes to my club, the Kendall Amateur Radio Society, and last night I gave a presentation. It wasn’t a deep dive into how each digital mode works, but a quick glance at the world of digital modes for the group. Here is the presentation.

posted by on Sep 05, 2014


Finally had some QSL cards made. I didn’t really want to go overboard, so I went with cheapqsls.com and have been really happy with the quality and speed of delivery. Coupled with some #6-3⁄4 envelopes I was able to get the first batch out. I sent a bunch to places where I wanted a card back or needed one for DXCC, since I didn’t have a confirmation via LoTW. Remember, I you want a card, and send me one, I will send one back!

posted by on Aug 24, 2014


Finally got the radio I wanted, an Elecraft KX3 with the KXPA100 amp. I also got a few of the addons: the roofing filters, realtime clock+charger, and ATU for both the amp and the radio. I think I will order the KXPD3 soon and try to figure out how to make a desktop base for it. I’m very happy with the receive quality and having the RX i/q out is awesome.

posted by on Aug 06, 2014

antennas hf

Cheapham.com had the LDG S9v18 antenna for $35 and the ground plane plate for $25, so I got that with some RG213 and put up a vertical! Such better reception than with the dipole on the roof. I know the roof was absorbing most of the enery on the dipole, because reception wasn’t an issue, but getting out was. The dipole also always had a 1.3-1.5 SWR. The vertical however is awesome on 20m.

posted by on Jul 10, 2014